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Recently, the CPC Lishui Municipal Committee, Lishui Municipal People's Government issued "on the announcement of Lishui City, outstanding contributions to the decision of experts" (Livonia issued 〔2016〕 33) documents, Zhejiang Chenlong Saw Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Ding Zelin selected 2016 Lishui City highlights Contribution expert.

"Lishui City outstanding contribution expert" is in science and technology and modernization construction has made outstanding contributions to achieve significant economic and social benefits of high-level talent. This award is selected every three years, each selection of no more than 10 places. Was awarded the Lishui City outstanding contribution to the experts from the municipal government awarded the "Lishui City outstanding contribution expert" honorary title, awarded the honorary certificate, and enjoy the "Lishui City high-level personnel to build a number of opinions" provisions of the fourth category of talent related treatment ( Without government post allowance, and no longer enjoy the same class of municipal government special reward).

Ding Zelin, the current Zhejiang morning Long Saw Group Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman of the industry in China as a vice president of metal band sawing industry, the national metal cutting machine tool standardization technical chairman, won the seventh batch of Lishui City, the eighth Young top-notch talent, Zhejiang Province outstanding private entrepreneurs title. Has hosted and participated in the National Innovation Fund, the National Torch Plan and other state-level projects 3, the provincial level above the major science and technology 5, the provincial science and technology achievements into the award, the provincial machinery industry science and technology progress award, city science and technology progress award 3; For the national key new products 2; more than 11 provincial-level new products, which was the first set of domestic products 1, the first set of products in the province 2; master editor of textbooks 6, published papers 1; 87 patents, including 10 domestic invention patents, international patents 1, utility model patents 76.

Under the leadership of Ding Zelin, Zhejiang Chenlong Saw Group Co., Ltd. gradually grow into a national high-tech enterprise, Lishui City, the first batch of national intellectual property advantages of enterprises, the new three board market listed companies, built in Zhejiang Province postdoctoral research station, has received 133 patents , Of which 19 invention patents, utility model patents 102, 12 appearance patents. At the same time, Ding Zelin himself also keen on social welfare undertakings, take the lead for the county charity, pot town charity clubs and other institutions to raise charity start fund, concerned about the social vulnerable and difficult masses, named after their own and his wife named "Ze love charity fund" , In the road and bridge reconstruction, donations, earthquake relief, five common governance and other charitable contributions on the cumulative over 10 million yuan for the community and local harmony to make a great contribution.

Chairman Ding Zeling visited poor students

In recent years, the county in-depth implementation of the "talent strong county" strategy to promote the construction of high-level personnel, and actively build a platform, innovation mechanism, and create a talent to do their best to use the new situation of talent, and further inspire the county's outstanding Talent for the county's economic and social development greater contribution.

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